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About Niemeijer Consult

About Niemeijer Consult

Niemeijer Consult was founded in 1992 as a consulting firm, building on over 30 years of field experience in multi-disciplinary research and data-analysis with a focus on poverty, environment, nutrition, health and child growth.

Niemeijer Consult has carried out projects in Africa, Asia as well as Eastern, Southern and Western Europe, in environments ranging from tropical rain forests to desert areas.

Niemeijer Consult has developed new survey techniques, incorporating environmental information in social economic and health surveys, using this information to reduce sampling costs and to allow the use of qualitative data collection techniques on a regional or national scale.

Niemeijer Consult has in-house expertise in the following fields: Anthropology, Bio-diversity, Economics, Epidemiology, Environmental Sciences, Geographic Information Systems, Human Ecology, Image processing, Nutrition and Child Growth, Physical Geography, Psychology and Trauma Treatment, Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods, Remote Sensing, Sociology, and Statistics.

Since 1992, Niemeijer Consult has acted as an international consultants firm for a number of UN organisations and national and international NGOs in the fields of poverty, health, nutrition, demography, environment and wildlife (as a direct contractor or as a sub-contractor).

Since its foundation, Niemeijer Consult has also been involved in software development in the scientific and assistive technology fields.

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